My name is Greg Matthews.  I started this personal blog in 2007, but I did it for professional reasons.  At the time, I was working in the innovation center at Humana - one of the biggest health benefits companies in the world.  At that point, people around our company began to recognize that the consumer revolution had taken a new form - that the social web would be yet another way for consumers to exert their will on companies and industries.  Under the leadership of people like Jack Lord and Grant Harrison, Humana was a leader in health consumerism - so it was absolutely necessary to understand this next technological wave.

Over the next few years, I had the amazing opportunity to work on "Humana Firsts" all over the place: Its first blog, twitter account, YouTube channel, facebook page, live UStream broadcast, crowdsourced flickr photoset, crowdsourced idea contest, twitter analytics tool, iPhone app, etc.  But the really important "first" was to create the company's platform for exploring community and social media - the "Town Square" model.  That work led to over 30 social media projects across a dozen departments in its first year alone ... and set the stage for a transformation in the way that the company works and communicates.

After meeting Bob Pearson at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in 2010, I moved to Austin, Texas to work for him at W2O. What an experience! Together with Matthew Hager, we created MDigitalLife in 2012 - the world's first audience analytics platform for healthcare. That changed everything. W2O became an analytics-first company, and my team started to really push the envelope in terms of our ability to integrate and layer multiple disparate data sets to produce increasingly nuanced, valuable, and even predictive insights for our healthcare clients.

Today, I'm still working with healthcare companies the world over to help them more effectively use data & analysis to improve all aspects of their business - but I'm doing it on my own now, via HealthQuant. I'm also having a lot of fun as the host of the DataPoint podcast - focused on innovations in data & analytics for healthcare. Hope you enjoy what you see! For more information on how we could work together, check out my LinkedIn or About.Me pages.