Thursday, January 3, 2019

Are nurses the missing link in healthcare innovation?

"When I ask nurses if they perceive themselves as innovators, typically very few hands go up. Most nurses don't see themselves that way. But when I ask them if they do 'work-arounds' while performing patient care, hands begin to go up. If I ask them if they've ever 'MacGyvered' anything during their shift, almost all the hands go up. The fact is that nurses ARE innovators; they just haven't thought of their work in that way."
- Dr. Bonnie Clipper, Vice President of Innovation at the American Nurses Association

It's impossible to talk to Bonnie Clipper and not get excited about what the future holds for nurses. For years, nurses have been among the unsung heroes of the care delivery team. Now, through her work at the ANA, Dr. Clipper has been working to unlock all of that potential. Check out the page for this episode for key links referenced in the podcast, as well as to subscribe through your favorite podcast channel. Or just listen below!

Special thanks are due to Brian Lang (Energize Health), the organizing force behind the recent Health Equity Hackathon, where this interview was recorded. 

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