Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's a global online health ecosystem?

Everyone who spends much time with me is a little sick of the "global health ecosystem" by now, because I've been obsessed with it for the last 3 months. For the rest of the world, though, it's a pretty new concept. In a nutshell: We've been studying physicians' online conversations for years now. We've learned a massive amount about what kinds of docs are using social media, why, and what they're talking about. And all of that is amazing. But it pales in comparison to being able to understand how ALL the stakeholders in healthcare are interacting online. So now, instead of just indexing the world's doctors (149 countries and counting), we're also indexing the online presence (or "digital footprint" as we like to call it) of patients, hospitals, advocacy organizations, government organizations, healthcare companies, reporters, media outlets, researchers and research institutions, etc. If you want to see a little more, check out this 5 minute video of my presentation from the Techonomy Bio conference in Mountain View (March 2015).

And if you want to get the up-to-the-minute scoop on the global online health ecosystem, you can always get it at our web site: