Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today's doctors can speak for themselves, thank you very much

The days of physicians passively allowing their hospitals, practices or medical societies speak for them is fading rapidly into the rearview mirror. Wendy Sue Swanson is a great example of that principle. Swanson, who started blogging and recording her own videos years ago so that her patients would have some medically sound content available to them on the internet, is now a media force of nature herself.

"Doctors have been in media for years.  But how often can a doctor be the genesis of the news rather than just reacting to it?"

Doctor Swanson is one of tens of thousands of doctors around the world who have gravitated toward an important new concept: Doctors aren't just prescribers anymore; in the digital age, online doctors are the media.

NOTE: The embedded video above was enabled by 2cimple - a platform that helps to easily turn video from passive to active content. I encourage you to share the video above on your Facebook timeline, embed it in a blog post or link to it through Twitter or LinkedIn to see for yourself.