Sunday, November 3, 2013

Privacy, Security and Legislative Accountability

It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel these days, but I feel as though we as citizens have gotten so used to our congressional representatives being jackasses that we've just started to accept it. We've also become awfully complacent about how willing we are to have government officials intentionally mislead us (or try to) or outright lie to us - with very limited consequences.

The latest bit that caused my jaw to drop was the privacy/security debate's congressional hearings. Thank goodness for Stephen Colbert, who absolutely skewered the guilty party (in this case the Honorable Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan) and did so in hilarious fashion. Check it out here (the Rogers segment starts 2 minutes into the segment):

The Colbert Report
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The privacy violations to which our government has subjected us (and lied about over and over again) are bad enough ... but to try and cover them up with logic that wouldn't fool a second grader (I know; I tried it this week) is absolutely shameful. How many incumbents are going to have trouble in their next election bid after stunts like this one?


  1. Greg, Democrats won't have any trouble and their stunts are just as stupefying, if not moreso (ACA and anyone?). Their blessing is that none of their 'constituents' follows the news so they are safe. Also, those same people wouldn't want to jeopardize their handouts either. Sorry to seem so negative but I am, at least about the direction this country is heading. I wish I could claim that I don't know anything like our community leader in chief likes to do but I hate lying. Ahh, the hits keep coming.

  2. I was thinking that this post had Frank Reed written all over it! I don't even feel the need to go "partisan" on this post - both sides are equally guilty of misleading, lying, obfuscating, and generally selling out. In fact, I always told myself I'd never be a single-issue voter, but I'm pretty close to getting there in terms of campaign financing.

    As long as we have a "bought congress" (which we absolutely, unequivocally do) this kind of nonsense is going to keep getting jammed down our throats. No longer acceptable to yours truly.