Monday, November 11, 2013

Michael Brito and the changing role of companies and the media

Back in 2009, the innovation team at Humana was starting to envision some wildly different new products, services and businesses - as well as business models. [If you search this blog for "Crumple It Up," you'll see what I mean.] It was my friend Gill Potter (super genius, BTW) who first raised the idea internally that we were really becoming a media company. That concept blew my mind back then - and to some extent it still does. The difference is that it really is possible today - whereas in 2009 that was probably something of a stretch.

That's why I'm so excited that Michael Brito, one of the worlds leading thinkers on the subject, is joining our WCG team in San Francisco. Take a look at the interactive image capsule below to see why we're so enthusiastic about it:
Additionally, you can check out the podcast interview that my colleague Aaron Strout did with Michael on the decision he made to come to WCG - just click the "Play" button below!

So let me say a big WELCOME in this space - both to Michael and the concept of Brand-As-Media!

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