Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feeding the Homeless in Two Minutes or Less

Over the past year, I've had a chance to get to know an extraordinary woman in Austin ... known to everyone in her community as "Queen Lola."  Lola runs a highly-rated cajun restaurant on Austin's east side (The Yelp reviews for the Nubian Queen say it all).

The reason I know Lola is that she has devoted her life not only to operating a business in a part of Austin that isn't easy to operate in ... but also to ensuring that, to the best of her ability, nobody in her community is going to go hungry.

Every Sunday, Lola and a small group of volunteers is up before dawn, preparing breakfast that's then delivered around Austin to feed the homeless.  Once breakfast is done, she troops back to the restaurant to get ready for lunch.  But instead of opening the front door and welcoming her regular patrons, she opens the back door and welcomes everyone who's hungry.  Once everyone's had their fill, the leftovers are packed up and delivered to the housing units behind her restaurant; home to many who aren't able to get around well enough to come out and eat.

Hers is an amazing story ... and now we have a chance, in a small way, to make it our story.  Chase and LivingSocial are sponsoring over $3M in grants to small businesses, with each one being eligible for a grant of $250,000.

Here's where you come in - your vote (250 are required for consideration) can help Lola to continue and expand her vital work.  Here's how:

  1. Click this link to the MissionSmallBusiness web site
  2. Log in with your facebook account
  3. Search for Cajun Soul Food.  This is important - the listing is for "Cajun Soul Food Kitchen."
  4. Click "Vote" - and if you like, share that fact with your friends on facebook and followers on Twitter.
That's all there is to it ... helping the homeless in two minutes or less.  Lola's sacrificed a lot to follow her passion to change lives ... let's help her keep that movement going.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Can Healthcare's Immune System Fight Off the Social Media Virus?

I was really excited when Frank Reed from Marketing Pilgrim asked if we could do a Q&A about healthcare and social media.  It's a space I've lived in since 2007 - and remarkably, I still enjoy talking about it. ;-)

The post, embedded below (in my first HTML-programmed iFrame, BTW), has gotten a lot of nice attention.  My big question for you - as a reader of this blog - is what did I get wrong?  What are the best success stories I didn't cite?  Who are the leading voices in this movement that we should all know about?  The comments are yours - go to town!! [Note: If you have any trouble with the iFrame, you can link to the original at]