Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To EMR I say TTTTHPBT - CrumpleItUp Redux

CrumpleItUp Redux is a series of repostings from the lamentably lost ... the insurance industry's first blog, and one of the first blogs anywhere devoted to health innovation.  For more background, check out Remembering

This little gem was originally posted by my friend Gill Potter on December 16, 2008.  If I'm not mistaken, it was not only his first blog post on CrumpleItUp; it was his first blog post period.


A couple months ago I went to the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco.  While I generally find these sorts of events to be worth only the new technologies you find, I was particularly disappointed by the presentations and the tone of the event.  Generally web 2.0 is acknowledged to be a collection of technologies that turn consumers into producers and connect people for conversation.  The conference was really just a compilation of electronic medical records companies and web enabled medical tracking in some form.
While I suppose electronic medical records will potentially result in some phantom savings, they are hardly anything that should be considered Web 2.0.  So far, my favorite example of Web 2.0 and health is Crossfit, a community of niche fitness aficionados.  This  is a great example of communicating, sharing and pushing each person to newer and higher goals.  Affiliates and members post videos of exercises, of personal records and different methods for laddering to higher results.
Interestingly they have made community a part of their business model.  Not only are there companion sites, is an example, but to be an affiliated gym you need not only certified trainers, but you also need to have a community website.  So, as Crossfit grows, so does their online community.
Take a look.  This is the sort of stuff that is health 2.0, not an EMR.

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  1. Ha, too funny to see that again and yes that was one of my first blog posts. Even stranger, since I wrote that piece, CrossFit has grown big enough for their own ESPN televised sports and are now cutting affiliate deals with Reebok.