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On the power of Twitter - an Anecdote. CrumpleItUp Redux

CrumpleItUp Redux is a series of repostings from the lamentably lost ... the insurance industry's first blog, and one of the first blogs anywhere devoted to health innovation.  For more background, check out Remembering

This was originally posted on December 8, 2008 - shortly after I spoke at the World Health Innovation and Technology Congress (along with notables like George Halvorsen and Newt Gingrich, no less!).

On the power of Twitter - A Social Media Anecdote

Newt Gingrich at WHITC08I woke up yesterday to a really pleasant surprise. A healthcare entrepreneur named John Moore had written a blog post about us. And it wasn’t just the blog post that tickled me; it was the way it came about.
 John specializes in Healthcare IT, and was hoping to find some updates about what was happening at the World Health Innovation and Technology Congress (where I spoke earlier this week). It so happens that I had helped the conference organizers to establish a hashtag for the conference (#whitc08), so John was able to tap into the 8 or 9 people who were live-microblogging the conference on Twitter
[Side Note: I was thrilled that so many people were using the hashtag; it got NO publicity except for a paper sign on the registration table . . . yet a whole bunch of people got to follow the conference as a result . . . and I had a way to directly connect with these people who shared a common interest and experience. Very cool.]
Anyway, as John was “watching” the conference unfold through this set of twitter feeds, he got curious about the Innovation Center, and managed to find this web site ( Between the responses to my presentation and the info he found on, he wound up thinking that we were blog-worthy, so he wrote this post [Humana Breaks the Mold] on
As a newbie in the social media space, I am still amazed that things like this happen, but they do – all the time.  So if you haven’t started twittering yet, give it a try . . . and by the way, you can now follow CrumpleItUp on twitter too –follow us at

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