Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wellness in the news - August's CoHealth Tweetchat

For those of you who don't know, I co-lead a workplace wellness community called CoHealth (#co_health; @co_health on Twitter).  This group meets once a month to talk about how to help people be healthier at work.  You can learn more on my co-founder Fran Melmed's blog, free range communication.  The next CoHealth tweetchat will be at noon EDT on Wednesday, August 17.

CoHealth is nothing if not topical.  We've been super-focused on some big topics for the last few months (Employee benefit trends in July; Jamie Oliver's workplace nutrition initiative in June; Health incentives at work in May).  Next week is going to look a little different for two reasons:

First of all, I'm going to be "going solo" - Fran is going to be on a well-deserved vacation.  The second is that we're not going to have one huge topic to dive into ... instead, I've combed the world of wellness (OK, Fran did 99% of the work) to find the hottest topics in health and wellness.  Welcome to the first Wellness News and Comment show!  

Here's what I think we should delve into:
I. There are two conferences coming up in Philly in September - Social Health and the ePatient Conference.  Who's interested?
II. Fowler and Christakis (the authors of Connected.  Don't tell me you haven't read it.) are being questioned by the health establishment.  Do you see aspects of health or unhealth as shared between your employees?
III.  An Israeli study claims that your coworkers can kill you.  Do you see aspects of better or worse health in various groups of employees?  How can you reverse this trend if you can spot it?
IV. Walgreens is widely reported to be offering a health insurance product in the future.  What plans is your company making in the run-up to 2014 when health reform has its deepest impact?

If there are new stories that come up next week, we may build them into the schedule ... or if you've been intrigued by a new story, article or trend that isn't mentioned above - let me know!  This is your big chance to shape the agenda for the tweetchat! ;-)

Just comment below, or tweet your idea out using the #co_health hashtag.  Can't wait to see you next Wednesday at noon eastern ... and the third Wednesday of EVERY month.

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