Monday, August 1, 2011

Remembering CrumpleItUp

In 2008, I had the honor to lead the team that created one of the healthcare industry's first (if not THE first) innovation blogs.  As the "face" of Jack Lord and Grant Harrison's vision of health innovation, wound up being talked about in places as diverse as the Wall Street Journal, John Moore's Chilmark Research blog and Fred Wilson's Google Talk on Innovation and Disruption.

In that mass of links, you'll probably notice that there isn't a link to the subject of this post -  The reason is that Humana's innovation team has gone a different direction, and elected to take the site down.  You can find more about their current innovation efforts on the front page of  Because CIU was a team blog, I elected to pipe the RSS feed into my Google Reader - which means that although even the Wayback Machine doesn't have archived copies of those original posts, I do.  And believe me, when I discovered that I had an archived copy of every single post, I felt as if I'd just found the dead sea scrolls.  Those posts document our journey towards truly transforming the healthcare industry to a health industry.  For the next few weeks, and as often as I feel the urge, I will be re-publishing the best of those original blog posts, sometimes with my comments and annotations.

I'll share the first of them here with you ... written by Grant Harrison, who was at the time the VP for Consumer Innovation under Jack Lord, the Chief Innovation Officer and founder of the IC.  Hope that you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I plan to.

By Grant Harrison.  Originally published on on November 21, 2008

Welcome to crumple it up. It's our experiment to involve people from all over the world in healthcare innovation. As you explore you'll notice that we are linking across the web to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flickr. We are trying to make as many connections as possible.

Hopefully will become a health innovation hub - sharing ideas and developing inspiring health experiences.
We are passionate about bike sharing and social networking, the link between personal and planetary health, the potential for exergames and virtual worlds to entertain people to greater health and the potential of laughter to make people happier and healthier.

If you are passionate about this stuff, please let us know, tell people about us, reach out to us. Thanks for reading.

Grant Harrison
VP Consumer Innovation
Humana Inc

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