Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Facebook Will Kill Photo Filters for Everyone


Great, thought-provoking article from Sam Biddle on Gizmodo ... definitely give it a read if you're into a) Instagram; b) facebook; or c) the relationship between the elitist digerati of the former versus the swarming masses of the latter.

On one hand, I agree that Instagram is special for two reasons ... it gives me, an amateur photographer, the tools to create photos that don't suck without investing thousands of dollars and hours to do so. Second, it give the the opportunity to share those photos with friends ... and in turn, it gives me a window to understand and appreciate those friends more deeply through the photos that they create and share.

On the other hand, I see here much ado about nothing. If, as Mr. Biddle asserts, Instragram will go on about its business; immune to facebook's copying of its service ... and if facebook users start using filters to make crappy photos crappier ... who cares?

What people do behind their own backyard fence is no business of mine - I don't see it, and I couldn't care less. For that reason, this article feels more like elitist claptrap than any kind of real social commentary. But I do thank Mr. Biddle for the thought-provoking piece, and Grant Harrison for sharing it.

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