Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The magic of

I have used both (a nice URL-shortener) and Tweetdeck (a nice place to manage your twitter accounts) for a long time.

But I was surprised this morning by a couple of features I wasn’t previously aware of:

First, has a nice little tracker showing which platforms are most likely to drive click-throughs to the links I post.  Given that I post probably 5-10 times more links on Twitter than on any other channel, I was surprised to learn that a majority of my clicks over the last two weeks have come from LinkedIn.  It’s a good lesson for me to start posting more often in LinkedIn’s status update section!


The second surprise was in regard to the links between and tweetdeck.  I always knew that was the default URL-shortener for Tweetdeck (BTW, this is a great feature; Tweetdeck will auto-shorten your links without leaving the tool).  What I didn’t know is that I could enter my API code into tweetdeck, and import all of those shortened links into my account so that that can be included in my analytics reports.  I’ll be curious to see how that impacts the metrics above over the coming weeks.

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