Saturday, March 5, 2011

The new Google Profiles - a review


I've been a big fan of Google Profiles for a long time ... and that was before my friend Rick Klau started working on it.  So I was pretty excited to see on Rick's blog this morning that there have been some pretty significant upgrades to Profiles (The New Google Profile is Here!).  A few things that I was particularly excited about:
  • Design.  The old "Profiles" was kind of all over the place ... with the new version, someone has obviously paid attention to how the page looks, and how its features flow together.
  • Images.  The new "Profiles" allows you to handpick 5 images to adorn your page ... and makes it easy by allowing you either to upload from your computer, or to easily link them to your Picasa or Blogger files.  Right now, I have pics of me in my profile ... but I'm kind of wondering if I might want to use images of "5 things I care about" or some other thematic link.  At least I have the choice!
  • Buzz.  This is the big one.  My feelings about Buzz have always hovered between neutral and strong dislike ... so I was always annoyed when my Google Profile defaulted to showing my Buzz feed rather than my actual profile.  NOW, the Profile IS the default, and you can actually make Buzz disappear entirely if you like.  I haven't done that yet, but it may be in the cards.
The last thing I want to do is to be able to create a mini-profile widget from my Google Profile that I can display on my blog.  I have a (badly) hacked frame on my page at chimoose talks nonsense now; am hoping that the new Profiles will make it easy for me to make a nice-looking one ... if that is a new feature, I haven't found it yet.

Congrats to Rick and his team for taking a good feature, and making it much, much better!  You can check out my Google Profile here [chimoose' profile] and create your own at

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  1. I've heard that these profiles are soon to be available for authors.

  2. These profiles were a shock at first, leaving a lot of people confused as to how this will be integrated into Google system, but with the introduction of Google+, it seems like a tactical service perfect for the G-ecosystem.

  3. And with the consistent profiles, Google can offer better products per individual, customized to fit their interests.
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  4. True, that's why Google's slowly rolling out features such as Plus1 and Google+, so that their users can benefit from personalized search (and Google, from personalized ads).

  5. This is going to cause another gigantic swell in new member sign-ups for Google Plus. I mean, gigantic. The most recent numbers I've seen put the service at over 40 million users. Something like the introduction of Pages could see that number go up dramatically, maybe by as much as 50% or more. In fact, if there's one dominant thought I keep hearing about Google Plus over the last two months, it's "when are they going to open it up for businesses?"
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  6. While that may be true in some ways, Google Plus' user base may be only half of what they say it is, since many users are either inactive or duplicate accounts. I see Google+ as a social platform on the rise, slowly captivating the facebook-dominated market by the month; yet, it's still lagging behind FB and twitter's market share.

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  7. After your post there come many more major changes on design of Google plus profile which make it more user friendly and improve its look lot