Sunday, March 20, 2011

Facebook's new Privacy Pop-up


Kudos to facebook for becoming more transparent and proactive when they introduce new privacy features ... as you can see in this image, facebook proactively notified me that some of my pictures and videos were available to those outside my circle of friends (something I have been proactively conscious about limiting).  I was able, with a single click, to go to my relevant privacy settings page and adjust them to my liking. 

I'm glad that the message about privacy is finally getting through.

To change your privacy settings, just:

  • Go to Account -> Privacy Settings
  • Under "Sharing on Facebook", click "Customize Settings"
  • Adjust each setting according to your preference ... and while each of us is different, my advice is to ratchet everything back to the "Friends" level ... if you find that too restrictive, you can always ease off a little later on.

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