Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The role of volunteer employee champions in workplace wellness programs

As many of you know, I co-founded the CoHealth workplace wellness tweetchat nearly a year ago with my friend Fran Melmed of Context Communication. We're getting ready to host our 10th chat (if you're wondering what a tweetchat is, check this out), and we'd love for you to participate!

Join us on November 17 at 12 noon EST as we talk about the role of volunteer champions in workplace wellness programs. During the chat (follow hashtag #co_health) we'll be talking through the following topic areas:

What's the role of employee champions in workplace wellness programs?
- Formal
- Informal

What traits make a successful champion?

Have you spelled out the nature of the commitment? What does that look like?

Do you actively recruit employee champions? How?

Do you offer them incentives? Why or why not? What incentives are appropriate/effective?

How do you support your champions?
- tools/materials
- training/orientation
- communication platforms
- context-specific messaging (e.g., Fran's shift-break script/message wheel/handout)

Can you measure the effectiveness of a champion? Any anecdotes/best practices to recommend?

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