Monday, March 15, 2010

The ER 2.0 Panel from South by Southwest

I had the pleasure of attending the ER 2.0 "core conversation" at South by Southwest this morning. It turned out to be a terrific conversation - and it didn't hurt that it featured some of my best friends in healthcare and social media.

In this picture are Dr. Bryan Vartabedian of the Baylor Medical Center, Ed Bennett of the University of Maryland Hospitals, Jen McCabe of Contagion Health (and a business partner of mine at Humana) and Aimee Roundtree, a medical writer and researcher at the Texas Medical Center.

Also not coincidentally, I also had the opportunity to spend all day on Thursday with this crew (and about 75 other really sharp people) at the first Social Health summit in Austin (2010) ... a fantastic opportunity to really expand understanding across the health system for how we can all do things differently to improve people's lives.

Thanks to these friends, new and old, for making this year's south by southwest a particularly special experience for me.

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