Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twitter list analysis - You heard it here first!

If you're like me, you've been pretty interested in Twitter lists and their evolution. In case you're not like me, and haven't been using Twitter lists, you can catch up here.

As more and more people are using twitter to connect, it's getting harder and harder to stay looped in with the conversations you're most interested in. Twitter lists helps out with that a lot because they allows you to create groups of people (by topic, location, or whatever moves you) so that it's much easier to follow relevant conversation threads.

There are a couple of tools out there that have done a really good job of getting utility from Twitter lists - my two favorites have been Tweetdeck - which allows you to import your twitter lists and see them all on your screen - and TweepML, which allows you to import your twitter lists in such a way that visitors can follow everyone on your list with one button-click. That functionality is really important for conferences, tweetchats, and other circumstances where you want to follow everyone in a given group.

You already know that my team at Humana has been really focused on using twitter to provide insights and analysis (using our home-made tool called the Tweet Positioning System). We've now taken our analytic capability to a new level by allowing anyone with a twitter account to view all of their twitter lists and analyze the results by location, topic and frequency ... including
  • Lists you've created
  • Other lists that you follow
  • Lists that follow you
The coolest part is that you don't have to do anything except to sign in to twitter using OAuth, and click "recent searches." There's a tab there for twitter lists, and once you've signed in, all your lists will show up. I've attached an image of one of my favorite lists (HealthTweeps) - it's Greg's version of the "Health All-Stars" that I think everyone ought to be following.

Get more out of your lists - check out!


  1. Hi Gregg, I have been searching for a way to analyse my lists to weed out inactive members and Google brought me to this page. When I try to follow your link to the site cannot be found. I know you have left Humana but is this software available still or do you know of another suitable tool? You can email me or cantact through FB or Twitter my id is barrybevan Thanks.

  2. Thanks for writing, Barry. Unfortunately, Humana has decided not to support myTPSreport ... so its functionality has been lost to the world (sob!). However, I have found that my number one twitter management tool (for lists as well as for follower/following relationships) is It's free and incredibly robust.
    Good luck - and feel free to give me a shout on twitter @chimoose.