Sunday, December 6, 2009

TPS Search of the Day

I'm a regular participant in a wonderful online group called HealthCareSocialMedia, or HealthSocMed for short. I've gotten to know many of the participants pretty well - although I've met only one in person. This group is what's known as a "TweetChat" - a group that uses Twitter as a meeting tool. Check out my blog post on Twitter, Social Media and Healthcare for more information on how and why TweetChats are interesting and valuable.

Anyway, one of the rules of the group (actually I think it may be the only rule) is that you're not allowed to pitch your products in the meetings. I have to confess that I kinda broke that rule just now ... by introducing the group to the Tweet Positioning System, and showing the folks where we were all tweeting from. The novelty of it seemed to keep anyone from getting too upset.
So what are you interested in? Who's talking about it, and where do they live? Get out to the TweetPositioningSystem and check it out!

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