Monday, December 14, 2009

Edelman hires Armano; sees spike in Twitter reaction

One of the things I love about TPS (the Tweet Positioning System) is that you can get a sense of trending topics really easily. A nice example is happening now ...

Last night, David Armano (a true Twitter celebrity with over 22,000 followers) announced that he would be joining Edelman Digital as a senior vice president. At that point, the search term "Edelman," which was toddling along at 50-100 tweets per day, shot up to over 1,000. [You can see it yourself, here].

It's also pretty neat to be able to see where those tweets are coming from; I zoomed my map over to Europe and found conversation happening in places as diverse as Austria, Turkey, Moldova and Sweden.

Where are people talking about you and your business? And are you measuring to see what can make that conversation accelerate? I'd love to have you check out TPS and let me know what you think; it's been a boon for our business, but I'd like to see how it might impact yours.

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