Monday, November 30, 2009

Putting fitness on the map

I've been really excited to be able to launch the health industry's first twitter monitoring tool - the Tweet Positioning System. Thousands of people have used it to track online conversations that are important to them - in real time - and with geographic relevance.

Now we're taking it up a notch, though. Instead of hoarding all of that valuable data, you can share your searches with the world ... on your blog, your facebook page, etc. So I'm launching a new permanent* feature on CHIMOOSE TALKS NONSENSE ... the "TPS Search of the Day**." My inaugural search is for Twit2Fit, an online fitness community that I've been a part of for the last several months. It was a community that had its start right here in Louisville, but has now quite clearly gone national.

So your call to action, dear readers, is manifold.
  1. Be sure to run your favorite search at (don't forget to save it! There's a button below the map!), then post the widget on your blog (yes, there is ANOTHER button below the map for that!). More widgets (including a sidebar widget) will be available over the coming weeks.
  2. Check out Twit2Fit and think about joining up; it's been good to have that online encouragement in my fitness program
  3. Check back often to Chimoose Talks Nonsense for the featured TPS search of the day; I'll do what I can to keep it interesting!
* In this context, "permanent" should be interpreted as "as long as it amuses me to maintain the status quo"
** In this context, "search of the day" should be interpreted as "the most recent search I happened to put out there" rather than any reference to any actual time period

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