Sunday, July 26, 2009

The ultimate business card - TAT Augmented ID

This is a fascinating concept that I read about on Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog this morning.

Meeting people who share (or challenge) your interests at conferences has never been easier thanks to twitter. By listening in on a conference's tweetstream using a hashtag and a twitter client tool like Tweetchat or Tweetdeck, you can easily see who's saying what about the conference. But often, you can't connect with the people who are actually presenting - because they're usually not on twitter while they're on stage (otherwise, why be on stage at all?).

However, a Swedish design firm called TAT has released a video for a new "augmented ID" concept that would recognize the face of a person, and then visually show whatever networking info that person wanted to have shown at that time.

But what's really interesting (to me, anyway) is what other contexts this might work well in. What are the potential applications for gaming, for example? Imagine an alternative reality game (ARG) that was able to display characteristics about the gamer in real life - that would be amazing.

Anyway, it would appear that this TAT product is still in concept phase (rather than an actual product), but when it does hit the streets, it'll be interesting to see how people use it.

What do you think about using a tool like this? What new applications would you have for it? What concerns does it raise?

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