Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hallicious » Can “Free” Work for Enterprise Applications?

If the data is important enough, there really isn’t a mitigation plan in the world that will appease decision makers who are concerned about this risk. Deferring the costs of owning, operating, maintaining and upgrading software and servers sounds awesome, no arguments there. However, transferring the risk of catastrophic failure to a start-up or even a company the size of Google, with limited to no recourse, sounds unfathomable to most large organizations with a need to control…

It's amazing the transformation that can occur when people have a voice ... which is one of the reasons I've become so passionate about the revolution that social media is engendering in our lives and in our work.

By finding that voice - and a chorus of new voices that push, challenge, support and oppose that voice - a new kind of growth is happening. I see it in myself. I've never been one to thrive on connectedness, and had always maintained pretty intense levels of privacy.
But ever since I decided to "put myself out there" I've discovered tremendous value from connecting with others. They inspire me, they push me, and sometimes they even make fun of me. But the experience has definitely changed me in a positive way. The link you see on this post comes from a guy I work with - Chris Hall. He came to the Innovation Center as a project manager a little less than a year ago. And in that time, he has (through tireless pursuit) become a really, really good social media thinker. In fact, the way that Chris has grown over the last year has made me think differently about how people work - and how vital it is to pursue your passions.
What has pushed you to grow? Does riding the waves of "social" inspire your growth as it has for Chris and I?

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  1. Thank you, Greg. I've appreciated your ability to let me push and grow over the past year. :)

    I think we've got a long way to go, but at least we know it will be a fun ride. :)