Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Geeking out with new social tools | (beta)

Geeking out with new social tools on

As usual, I like keeping abreast of interesting tools for helping people interact and collaborate. I've been hearing about for a while, but was finally convinced to explore it more deeply after hearing about it on the Quick and Dirty podcast with Aaron Strout and Jennifer Leggio.

12seconds, which allows you (surprise) to record or upload no more than 12 seconds of video at a time, is being billed as "twitter for video." I'm not entirely sure that I buy that description, since one of the main attractions of twitter is that you can actually move pretty robust content over the web quickly, from anywhere, with limited effort.

Recording 12 seconds of video from a webcam isn't exactly difficult, but how would I embed a link for example? Now, if there was a way to attach a link over the video, THAT would be cool.

How are you using 12 seconds? If it's an interesting platform, what would put it over the top in terms of features or usability?

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