Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greg does Dallas

Last month I had the pleasure of presenting at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Dallas, hosted by Chris Brogan and Justin Levy. The summit featured a great crowd of folks that I was honored to be a part of - and I always get excited about telling the Humana story.

I have collected some artifacts from that presentation to share. While my session wasn't videotaped, I did have the pleasure of being interviewed by Amber Rae Lambke of Leverage Software (a Chicago girl - always a plus!).

I also saved my presentation materials to Slideshare; while they lose something without the talk-track, I'll provide them here anyway; if you're really interested you can download the presentation with speaker notes and it'll probably make more sense.

Next week I'll be in Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 conference; looking forward to being a panelist along with Peter Kim (Dachis Corporation), Ben Foster (Allstate) and Morgan Johnston (JetBlue).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing the Insert Coin Game Contest, 8-Bit Style! | Crumple it up!

[NOTE: This post contains updated statistics]

As many of you know, my company, Humana, has become a leader in creating games for health. Two of our recent efforts, the America's Horsepower Challenge and Operation Planet Savers, have been really well received.

We're working on a lot more health-related games now. In addition to our own ideas, we're also working with interesting folks at Georgia Tech, USC, MIT and Stanford on developing healthy game concepts.

But now, for the first time, we're soliciting ideas from gamers themselves. Our "Insert Coin" idea competition was launched last week at the Games for Health conference, and we're hoping to get thousands of great ideas from gamers all over the world. For my part, my team has been working on ways to use social media to drive awareness and interest in the game.

Our first effort was to create a video to get people's attention. And it has. Over the first 48 hours since we released the video, almost 60,000 [stats as of 9am on 6/18 are over 80,000 views] people have watched it - putting it in the top 50 most-watched videos on YouTube. Given that 10 hours of video are uploaded every minute, we think that's pretty good! [YouTube now reports that 20 hours of video are uploaded every minute; expecting 24 hours per minute by the end of June]

Check the blog for more information and submit your ideas for the contest at

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Media Academic Summit 09

I had the pleasure of sitting on a really interesting panel last week hosted by Edelman's Rick Murray. I was on the panel with Alex Wheeler from Starbucks, Aaron Lilly from Microsoft and Richard Brewer-Hay from eBay.

You can watch the video from the panel here.

We had a pretty good dialog going on how each of us goes about engaging our customers to create content that benefits both them and us.

I felt a little outgunned in terms of coolness, but managed to meet a ton of interesting people, many of whom I've already been back in touch with. Hoping that this will lead to more opportunities for me to share Humana's social media story with the world.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to the Ballfield

Baseball Players
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I'm a blessed man - I have two daughters. I wasn't always sure that would be a blessing . . . I grew up in a house with 3 boys, and didn't have the first clue what it would be like to have little girls.

As any dad can tell you, having daughters is incredible. You have instant hero status that will hopefully last a lifetime. I realized that playing dressups, Barbies and Polly Pockets can be fun (it's not all that different from the GI Joe I grew up with; instead of a kung fu grip, many of our Barbies sing).

I also learned that there's nothing cuter than ballet and piano recitals, and the first back walkover in gymnastics is a significant athletic feat. My oldest daughter has even begun to dabble in basketball, which I've coached for the last two years.

But as a boy, I spent my summers on a baseball field - and that's something I missed. Until now. For whatever reason, Ellie has decided that she's into baseball . . . it seems to have happened at her last Louisville Bats game; the first one she ever really tried to pay attention to.

She started requesting a baseball glove. Fearing that it was going to be a fashion accessory as opposed to sporting goods, I decided that if she was really interested, she could start learning to play catch - sans glove - with a tennis ball. Not only did she like it, but she's actually pretty good at it.

So last week, we made a pilgrimage to Dick's Sporting Goods and picked out baseball gloves for both girls (Avery always wants to do everything Ellie does!). We played catch together on Saturday afternoon, and before bedtime we oiled our gloves and tied them up with a shoelace to break them in (just like I did when I was a kid!).

We repeated the whole routine on Sunday, and will hopefully continue to do so throughout the summer. With any luck, I'll be back on the baseball field by next summer.