Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TweetDeck Plugs Memory Leak; Launches Facebook Integration for All

Beyond plugging the memory leak, TweetDeck will also be pushing out its Facebook integration – previously optional – to all users, which lets you view your friends’ status updates and simultaneously update both Twitter (Twitter reviews) and Facebook (Facebook reviews).

Tweetdeck has done it again.

It was already an invaluable tool for managing Twitter connections, but now it's integrated - elegantly - into facebook as well.

Anyone who follows more than 50 people on facebook knows that it can be tough to get to all of the tweets that you really want to see. Tweetdeck lets you do that by grouping the people you follow, and separating those streams from the mass.

Now, I can also see my facebook friends' status updates AND, with the toggle of a simple radio button, update my own status on facebook and/or twitter. I promise that I'm not going to be one of those guys who sends all of his tweets through to facebook - I've always found that annoying (especially when I get them both places), but it is nice not to have to actually GO to facebook to share something cool.

Thanks, tweetdeck . . . looks like it may be time for another donation!

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