Monday, March 30, 2009

Green tea's fat-burning properties

Here’s an easy way to turn a routine workout into a powerful waist-whittler: Drink green tea.

That’s right. Ditch the Gatorade and instead sip several mugs of the green stuff throughout the day. Research shows that the wonder duo of green tea and exercise may target belly fat better, so it shrinks more easily than with exercise alone.

I'm usually pretty wary of faddy-sounding weight loss techniques, but the virtues of green tea have been sung for so long that I am giving this one some credence.
As a part of my department's belt-tightening, we've stopped serving decent coffee in the office, so I think that I am going to put this one to the test and go on a two-week green tea switchover. Who's with me?

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photo courtesy of Biculturally Curious

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Balloon Lagoon

The best game to play with preschool kids . . . Balloon Lagoon is by Cranium, and is perfect for my almost-5-year-old. From matching and counting skills, to spelling and wordmaking, to fine motor skills . . . and with an addictive soundtrack. Great way to spend a rainy Saturday morning.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

I am not Jemaine

I love Flight of the Conchords. But I am not Jemaine. The fact that I've adopted him for my avatar picture is a reflection of a moment of whimsy - and nothing more.

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Is Facebook Connect TOO Connected?

What are your social media boundaries?

As more and more people connect to more and more social media, the process of creating, storing, remembering and entering passwords can get pretty onerous.  So OpenSocial tried to solve the problem by making a single-signon ID for multiple sites.  But it hasn't REALLY taken off yet.  But Facebook Connect, on the other hand, looks to many people like "the savior." 

The problem with creating a "new standard" - ANY new standard - is that you have to have some kind of critical mass to make it work.  Well, not many places have critical mass like Facebook.  And being able to share everything I do on the web with my facebook gang is enticing.  Maybe a little too enticing.

I made the decision about a year ago that I was going to dive headfirst into the deep end of social media.  So you can find me blogging here and here.  You can follow me on twitter here.  I've got a photostream and a youtube channel.  And I even bring it all together on friendfeed.

But facebook is a walled garden.  It's the one place where I've never sought to make any new friends - just to connect with old ones.  And I usually decline invitations from people I don't really know (the exceptions are people I admire like Jeff Jarvis and Marty Trussell.

And using facebook connect to identify me to other sites seems a little bit too much like blasting a hole in the wall of my garden, throwing up a neon sign, and saying, "COME ON IN!"

For now, anyway, I'm going to keep the walls intact.  What's the over/under on how long I can hold out?

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