Sunday, February 24, 2008

"The Hug"

Hoosiers gut out win in Evanston Inside the Hall An Indiana basketball blog
For you Hoosier fans out there, I hope that you had an opportunity to see Dan Dakich's on-court post-game interview with Shon Morris of the Big Ten Network.
After Dakich gave an emotional but very thoughtful interview, crediting coach Sampson for building an outstanding team, DJ White grabbed Dakich and gave him a big hug.
We've been reading about how distraught the team has been (understandably) at losing the leader of their "Second family." And rumors that the players favored having assistant coach Ray McCallum take over the team instead of Dakich. DJ's wordless "Statement" sent a huge message that this team is still together, and that Dakich is their recognized NEW leader. Let's hope that this team can pick up the pieces from the Sampson debacle (which, while it may have reached the right decision, the University bungled horribly) and move on to dominate the Big Ten and the NCAA tournament.

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