Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa's Visit

Since moving to Louisville in 2004, our family has been blessed by special visits from Santa Claus at some point during the week before Christmas. I am compiling a video log of all four visits, but here is the 2007 version for your edification . . . you can see why Christmas is so much fun in our house.

But it gets better! After Santa left, Ellie wanted to check the front yard for Reindeer tracks. We got out the flashlights and looked . . . and found something even better! Ellie found a leather strap covered with jingle bells, and an initial "B" branded into the side. Clearly, this was part of Blitzen's harness! This was a very exciting discovery. Fearing that Santa might need this important piece of equipment, Ellie left it out for Santa with cookies and milk on Christmas eve. But apparently Santa's elves had repaired the harness; she got to keep the piece that she found.

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